WJM Products Sales Representation reflects more than 20 years of creative prototype and production product experience. As owner of WJM Products I began my technical product support career during the development of defense satellite communications systems. In a project material support capacity, I established qualified suppliers to provide the engineering development needs for a large aerospace corporation in Long Island, New York.


This creative technical environment was followed by applications sales engineering assignment for a large instrumentation manufacturer on Long Island in New York. Through my contributions, the company developed and manufactured load cell and rate gyro products for a twin rotor helicopter manufacturer in Connecticut. As a reward for successful project completion, I was transferred by the corporation to Los Angeles California to support project application sales for the Space Program. To ensure the technical demands required for man-rated hardware were successfully attained, a large NASA contractor in San Fernando Valley contracted my services to lead a material support team for all man-rated flight and ground support hardware. During my years of association with the corporation I conducted program reviews and traveled to subcontractor facilities throughout Canada and the United States.


Responding to the downsizing in aerospace and the increased demand for qualified suppliers for both commercial manufacturing and financial corporations, I turned to the vital need through the development of qualified suppliers to provide facilities and services to support the growing commercial market. During this time, WJM Products provided subcontractor facilities and services support, to a large financial corporation in Simi Valley California. I was responsible for establishing awards of hardware and or services to support over seven hundred countrywide locations, covering Contract Labor, facilities, software, hardware, construction and electro-mechanical systems.


In my most recent five years as WJM Products an AeroTek contract labor, I represented General Motors ACDelco Division. My responsibilities encompassed procurement inventory management, product distribution and promotional marketing programs. Additionally I provided ACDelco corporate interface with the owners and managers of Warehouse Distribution and their eleven warehouses in Southern California. I am a member of the So Cal Municipal Equipment Association and the American Management Association. California offices will serve the expansion in WJM Product client representation for Product Sales and material consulting services inclusive of:


·         Electromechanical hardware and systems production material support.

·         Facilities services, construction and maintenance support.

·         OEM and Remanufactured automotive part sales and distribution.

·         Provide Technical Training with client approved documentation on site.



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